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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 8, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. >> this was the number one song and the whole wide world just about a year ago and we had the on tousignant and talk all abou it. it raised a lot of money for charity. just looking at google and how
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many days until christmas and i found this i look at once year. right now it is 16 days, 15 hours and 59 minutes and 14 seconds until christmas. 16 days, 15 hours, go shopping. rudolph became a series of the song santos coming to town grea to me if you take santos got a dirty job, that is a christmas story ready to be written, don' you think? you could picture santa working in another job in then realizes that may be kids needs presidents. elf is a dirty job? >> it could be, in next thing you know, your ns lay, and he's got more along with john rich. >> which they give to charity. sent it does not have a dirty job. he only works one day of the year.
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i'm picturing santa on one of those boats in alaska catching the what did they catch? the salmon? >> at the knoxville? ticket micro does that series. it's not dirty jobs he does one he places it over. deadliest catch. so i'm picturing him voicing over santa working in santa at the light bulb goes off and he says i need to make toys for kids. >> that was a good premise, i think we could build on that. also we could make it into a cartoon into whatever you want. it should do the history of saint nicholas. >> that would be good. i note there is civil war santo series coming on fox nation.
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seriously? >> the role that santa began to through the civil war because people wanted help in america you're not joking, this is really fox nation joe? >> it better be. meanwhile, it is 80 to here in the east, about 20 minutes ago we were talking to the border patrol association and he was talking little bit about an agent yesterday at 38 -year-old agent were not using the name o him because myra florez had use it. roel gonzalez, 38 years old, th father of two, killed in the line of duty. i believe it was 1:00 a.m. on wednesday he was driving a atv along the road in pursuit of migrants who had crossed into the country illegally and he drove his atv right into a
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closed gate and was seriously injured in was taken to hospita and died at the hospital. they probably drove on and want a guy pursuing him and crash an that they drove on. lawmakers had this press conference down in texas. actually was in washington, and they were democrats on the pane that spoke. they were talking about suicide amongst our border patrol agents . they are remembering these thre that died in the last three weeks, they took their own life spread they said in 2022, the total suicides within the agenc is 14 which is more than any other year over a decade. the press conference was sounding the alarm allowing us all to remember these people an know what they go through. it is taking a toll on their lives.
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>> three in november alone. here are those lawmakers and some of their comments. >> it's not a republican or democratic issue, it is an issu that affects all americans. >> the joe biden administration has played the border crisis, his policies have created it an he has downplayed it. he is on record stating that there are other more important things. that is a ridiculous statement and it is disrespect to our border patrol agents. >> they are overworked great at what level, that is tough to define, but there is no doubt that the what is happening at the border is impacting our agents. >> you can see that image right there. i asked brandon about 20 minute ago about the suicide and he said look, it's a significant problem they have got to addres throughout society. but at the same times these are
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really hard jobs. and what makes this death so awful is the fact that within 2 hours earlier commit that president in the united states on the south on site and visit, the border he could to arizona he said i've got more important things to do. phil reeve on coming yesterday on capitol hill and talk to a couple of democrats and asked whether or not the top democrat joe biden should go to the border and their answer will surprise you. >> do you think it's important for president biden to go to th border for himself? >> i think it's important for the administration to recognize it's a crisis. we all know it's a crisis. when you have a crisis in your country, you should be on it. >> but do you think you should go to the border? >> absolutely. >> senior leaders should deal with the problems and the country.
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>> do you think the president should i think the president knows what's happening at the border and i think the dhs secretary has been there many times. >> don't you think there's valu to the president going? >> think there's value to the president going everywhere. >> there is value and the previous congresswoman said it is a crisis, which this white house refuses to admit. >> so it might not be as important, but the most important issue for the president, it's the most important issue to those border patrol agents especially in these families that have lost their loved ones the one that was killed yesterday at 1:00 a.m. right before christmas , two children. some of the ones i committed suicide one of them was 49 year old, his name is border agent boat right he died on monday, h was a u.s. army vet, he had bee an agent for ten years he was a k-9 handler since 2016 left behind a wife in two children. another one that also took his life love to be outdoors, live
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sports cards and the dallas cowboys. >> the congressman of from texas , he joined me earlier. heat just thought the president would really go from going down and seeing it himself it's not photo as the press secretary is so fond of saying, but i think the president some point has go to get that message because he' going and early 2023,. >> before he does that we have breaking news out of the white house. there is a report that presiden biden is going to swap for arms dealer victor bout. >> lucas tomlin's wildlife at the white house what do we know? get the fox news into firm that the brittney griner has been freed in a prisoner swot for a convicted russian arms dealer convicted back in 2011 for trying to kill u.s. service members in columbia after he
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sold 800 surface-to-air missile to a terrorist group in columbi with the goal of shooting down american helicopter the prisone swap, we're not sure where that is happening. likely in switzerland, fox news can confirm that brittney grine who had been detained just days before russia's invasion of ukraine on drug charges, she ha possessed cannabis oil, she claims was for pain, the russia side i detain her and then send to a penal colony last month, she was convicted to five years of hard labor, but efforts have been underway for the last few days of course, today is the 35th anniversary of the inf treaty were mikael gorbachev an ronald reagan signed that historic achievement to be an intermediate range missiles, of course ready to deploy i don't want. >> too much into the weeds on that but today's the historic significance because of the 31s anniversary and a hunting lodge
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the leaders of ukraine, christmas coming up, they say this was a good faith gesture from both the russians and the united states, but who were not hearing about is the former right now we can't confirm that he is involved in the swap. >> lucas, we are receiving word that president apparently there president in the united states will be addressing the nation a 8:30 a.m. this morning probably in the east room or we're probably the roosevelt room. >> we are hearing the roosevelt room right now and president biden will be addressing the country soon just working on everything getting set up right now. and you already said that she i free now? she's coming back home? >> correct. she is in the air and coming back home. >> lucas, thank you very much. what's interesting is they've only given us one name brittney
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griner and the so-called arms dealer. it was our u.s. secretary of state who was on face the natio over the weekend and he was talking about there were ongoin conversations with the russians about a prisoner swap and in particular brittney griner and the former she was convicted of smugly narcotics and whelen has been in russia since 2018 healt on a fictitious espionage charge . but with the secretary of state revealed was they were interested in a 1-1 swap, so if we only had one, if we only kno of one russian they are given up , that is the merchant of death, we only have the brittne griner name. we would have to get another name to hear more about. merchant of death it sounds
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terrible. went to see accused of? >> he is an arms dealer. he is the bill gates of arms dealing. he's been held since 2012 for it . >> been held in the unit staine in a prison facility. he was a former soviet translator he used air prints for companies to smuggle weapon since the collapse of the sovie union, they believe he has american blood on his hands, this is a top arrest, he greine was forced to play in russia fo different athletic opportunitie like a lot of women soccer players do, they go over there and play for russia and make a ton of money because of the downside, it's a society run by terrible government that at any moment could make you a prisoner . >> did we ever hear how they treated her imprison? >> i don't think so. she made a number of statements through her attorney, but what
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is interesting as well, and if you're just joining us, brittne griner has been released. it's prisoner swap, the president is going to talk and 18 minutes, but what's interesting about the fact that this was made, we've seen every one of the press conferences he has had where people are able t ask any questions they want to, her name would come up and they would say were working on it. >> is your son working today? will he be there? >> good question. more on our breaking news from the white house coming upright for watching fox and friends. tht failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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♪ >> we are back with a fox news alert, awaiting remarks from president biden at 8:30 a.m. on the news that brittney griner has been freed from a russian prison in exchange for arms dealer viktor bout. we will go to that life as soon as it happens. let's go to other news here. we are going to bring, that's what's happening right now? we have more headlines here. three people including two firefighters are dead after a three alarm fire at home in eastern pennsylvania last night very authority say to people wh lived in the home managed to escape unharmed. state police identified the first responders killed as 59 -year-old marvin gruber and assistant fire chief zachary paris, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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a federal mormon memo warns at least five electric substations in washington have been attacke in recent weeks, officials say handles, arson, firearms and metal chains have all been used in those attacks authorities believe the motive is to cause widespread power failures. this comes days after two substations in north carolina were actually hit with bullets and left thousands of people without power. neil diamond surprising some lucky theatergoers on sunday night with the performance of his hit songs sweet caroline. ♪ good times never seemed so good. >> he was attending opening night of broadway's a beautiful noise, the deep yell diamond musical, this was a rare performance following his diagnosis with parkinson's disease and 2018. those are your headlines.
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>> i got that video from my friend doctor mccann and he said you've just got to watch this and it just made everybody's day. he retired after he got the parkinson's diagnosis, you know he would have left to continue performing and he was able to i front of a packed house celebrating the story that is his life. >> didn't one of you're suggest that you take a did hear that today. >> if you have a little girl on day, you should name her caroline. you can play that song for her. >> a love that, caroline. >> in case you didn't know, brittney griner is now free exchange for viktor bout, the infamous arms dealer that was taken down in spectacular fashion years ago and big sting operation. lucas, you have more on the swap
5:21 am
. >> viktor bout was a convicted arms dealer, the kind of arms h had been convicted in the u.s. court he was serving at 25 year sentence in the united states for selling 30,000 nicasio 47's tons of c-4 plastic explosives, and 800 surface to air terroris group in columbia in an attempt to shoot down american helicopters so, this is a very sizable prisoner, many people think brittney griner who has been freed in this exchange was unlawfully detained, she was serving a nine-year sentence sh just started that at a penal colony 300 miles southeast of moscow, she said she needed thi cannabis oil for pain, she had arrived in russia just days before russia's invasion of ukraine on february 17th, a lot of people think she was used as a political pawn, one person no
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on this aircraft was paul palin the former marine convicted and detained in 2018 and convicted few years later on charges of espionage charges he denies great he is not part of the swap , but certainly today his a historic one and a win for the biden administration they would claim however some people will be asking about way paul whalen isn't on this plane. this is the 35th anniversary of the inf treaty being signed between ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev. people said it was like holding a gun to the head of gorbachev, one more thing about viktor bout , he is known as the merchant of death. he was an arms dealer. some people will be talking about this now in the hours to come. hundreds wondering if this was fair swap. >> it was not a fair swap, no doubt about it. we are going to be going there
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again within ten minutes, the president is going to come outlets bring in fox and friend weekend has. its great news that brittney griner is going to be sprung, has been strong, but it's heartbreaking for the wheeling family, here he is a former marine he's been held in russia since i believe in 2018 toys coming up on his fifth year in the russians were adamant, it's got to be 1-1 swap. you had brittney griner who had a cannabis oil thing versus merchant of death who smuggled hundreds of thousands of arms. it doesn't seem like fair a fai deal, doesn't? >> it's not even close. it's not a fair deal at all. first of all, it should always be happy when americans come home, that's a good thing in in this case it's a very good thing , but it's lopsided lee one-sided swap. international arms dealer for
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someone who never should've bee arrested in the first place. should've had shouldn't have ha the lead there, but either way, her offenses our aspect of dust compared to what this guy has done. you're right, this is a marine who is been detained unlawfully arguably a more pressing case although that brittney griner case is a more high-profile case . this remind me of the types the israelis have to make with the palestinians because of the radical nature of the opponent, they will giveback the israeli searchers this is one wnba player who we are glad to have home as an american for someone they've wanted for years, steve got to think this was a moment of opportunity they were lookin forward too. >> we found out the president has talked to britney and she i on the plane on her way back to america.
5:25 am
>> it's just like in the movies they don't announce a prisoner swap until they've actually taken off. >> you have been to war, you've had a lot of friends that have gone to war, this isn't work fo her, but she was held captive i another country and she is coming home for eight how much appreciation will she have for america now? >> let's hope, that should be the case. i don't know what her level of gratitude was for america, but when you spend time overseas, and you are confronted with the brutality, with the unfairness, with the arbitrary nature of so-called justice and then the treatment in a russian tea and colony. that is almost a joke. i'm sure it was all she him to begin with against her, it exposes you to the underbelly o the international reality of ho most people live, how unfree an unfair the world really is grea america is not perfect place,
5:26 am
but something like that won't happen here and i hope she come back as an ambassador of goodwill for what america represents. and then we traded her for a dirt bag to get back because we believe in bringing americans home. paul whalen should be part of that too. it will be interesting to hear what she says very she should b grateful for the american peopl pretty honest side note, she's one of the best women's best buswell players we've ever had. number to is playing overseas commit that is how a lot of women make a living, elite athletes because they do play the soccer players and volleyball players in buswell players to go over there. but the one thing about this viktor bout, they did a movie o him and they did a documentary on his notorious news as may be the worlds premier arms dealer, i think this is coming out late. the amount of people who are upset the sting operation and
5:27 am
the lives lost in pursuit would be a storyline in this so the people should keep in mind as paul whalen sets in jail, we ge brittney griner back, which is great, but the people that took him down and that people that h has killed through his arms sales in the civil wars that he has basically financed and supplied in the surface to air missiles he was going to be selling to a group that could'v been taking out american cia agents and others, that is all factor and all of this. >> it sure is, think about the taliban swaps that we made for members of the taliban for what was the guy guys name he walked off the base it is escaping me now, but we traded five of the taliban top people for an american who effectively abando his post, i'm not comparing britney granted to that i'm jus saying it's a very understandable and understandable sentiment you're talking about you work your tai
5:28 am
off to put a horrible human being in jail for 25 years for killing people and being complacent and that in at a moments notice for an athlete, for estar, its international relations, and we should second-guess what whalen wasn't a part of it, but the white house is going to say sometimes you have to deal with unsavory characters to get an american back great i'm guessing that's what they'll say. get the president just tweeted moments ago i spoke to brittney griner, she is safe, she is on the plane, she is on her way home. the president will be speaking from the roosevelt room in a couple of minutes. >> i want to know what she said to him for it. >> according to cbs the swap took place on thursday in that united arab emirates, so the transfer had already started earlier in the week when the secretary of state was talking about how they were talking about a 1-1 swap which leaves
5:29 am
paul whalen out of the equation but you know how washington works, she is free because ther was so much political pressure on joe biden to spring her. i don't know that the same amount of pressure was on him t spring paul whelen. >> that's it for eight it is a reality of celebrity culture. its become a cause and understandably in a righteous cause for her to come home come but for an average citizen, it just is like pardons which i wa involved in the trump administration, if you don't have the ability to elevate you case and make your case to thos people that make those types of decisions ordinary americans ca be left unlawfully in prison fo years which whalen has now. if you're a marine, that should qualify you that should put you above wnba or nba or athlete in my mind. that's on my harkie list. usa either way, but you put you life on the line for the country , you should be at the
5:30 am
front of that line to come home. they should both be coming home that is the point for team usa. hopefully this elevates the pau whalen case and she comes home and we're glad she is, but russia shouldn't be able to set the terms that it's just a 1-1. sometimes a player to be named later as a part of a trait and that. >> we played our a's, our ace was viktor bout. i don't know who we have that would get renounced. if it took viktor bout. >> wnba store out. we understand that there is a lot of emotion on both sides. when we broke relations off wit russia, our secretary of defens could not get a call back from there. we're gonna put her in the worst-case possible. you knew it wasn't just going t
5:31 am
be healthy going to be dragging out even longer. that thirst for power. we got an american and i guess that is the silverlining. >> what's happens to her next? you think she goes back to playing basketball? >> things like this, things lik this like war it can force a complete reevaluation of your life priorities. what kind of drugs that she given? where she abused? we don't know any of those things. i wouldn't put any of that past russia. to realize there is something o the other side when there when you are innocent like that there's a part of you that migh say i don't know if i'm ever
5:32 am
coming home, so to come home, you never know. >> talk about her condition, sh was left outside once today for an hour walk, she is 6'9" and she was forced to sleep in a be that was way too small in sl that was way too small as well. mentally it was getting very tough for her very she is 30 to years old, turned 30 to what sh was in custody. meanwhile the former marine who worked as a corporate executive was arrested in moscow back in 2018 and imagine what he is going through with his many she i'm trials we've seen him up close and personal behind bars and everything else that they like to do, but the guy that they exchanged for viktor bout got his day in court, with jim at trial he was given 25 years in as he was leaving he was screaming that he's innocent of all of this, but he's clearly not. there was this documentary in
5:33 am
2014 all about him, how many wars he financed and how many people he has killed through th weapons he was able to sell, when the soviet union was comin apart apparently he was selling off pieces of their military so that he went through this notorious international arms dealer and continue to grow. he was allowed to thrive until 9 /11 when people started cracking down on arms that were flowing illegally around the world. >> we will learn lots more abou that or as we often do in moments like this, but the stor the president will talk about i brittney griner and i like the last question you asked because it's a real thing physical and mental health, you mentioned th physical side of it, wnba, 30 t years old, still plenty of year ahead of you if you want to play , but physically, how has it changed her life? it's much more mentally and emotionally, you go through something like this, to you wan to go back to playing basketball , or does it change your life and a different
5:34 am
direction? only she knows that and i think the time to heal and to realize that she is back and that america embraces her, what is special place she has a chance to return too. it will be interesting to hear from her in the coming weeks an months when she decides to tell her story. she would take knee in the past during that national anthem i wonder if she will still do that . >> that is a good point. >> it will be interesting to hear how the president describe what happens i'm sure he's goin to take a victory lap over it a he is one to do, and they were able to negotiate her release, but it will be interesting in hearing how he describes. it was worth it to get an american back, but it will be interesting just to see how it
5:35 am
touches on this point. they should walk out every month . >> whatever it says on the teleprompter, but i have a feeling that it won't include much about the cost of what was traded probably and that was a tough choice. i would be surprised i hope i'm wrong. he took a lot of pressure from lot of different sides on brittney griner bringing her home, i have the sense that would be the focus of this and hopefully he makes it about how special america is and she in h and others are grateful that she's back and she could be a standing reminder of how specia we are here. >> when you just google how muc cannabis can you have in russia it says like 6 grams and under, not such a serious crime seven and above,. >> it was a sham charts,
5:36 am
absolutely she am charge. at cannabis vape at the beginning of the world when they're looking for a reason to have leverage. >> if it's not legal she shouldn't do it. is brother, david released a statement no greater than success than for a wrongful detainee to be freed, that by a administration made the right decision to bring her home and to make the deal that was possible rather than waiting fo one that wasn't going to happen. this time u.s. government officials let us know in advanc that paul would be left behind unlike last april when they lef him as the use of wrongful detentions and hostage diplomac
5:37 am
continues around the globe, and it as clear the u.s. government needs to be more assertive that actors like rusher are going to the u.s. needs a swifter more direct response in to be prepared in advance. in russia's case, this may mean taking more lawbreaking crimina convicted russians into custody. it's not like there were plenty around the world. >> interesting. they are effectively saying akamai first of all, gracious upfront and secondly, they are basically saying we've got leverage if we want to go out there and find it based on a regime that has gone on the offensive against ukraine and there are plenty around the world connected to putin who enrich themselves for a very nefarious reasons he probably should be arrested and if that were to be the case that become a bargaining chip for paul whelan whalen, that is an argument for the international stage, joe biden hasn't shown much of an ability to play that type of game. donald trump made returning a
5:38 am
sheet prisoner's signature issue . may be they will look for opportunities, but you feel for that family, gracious of them t applaud what was done even knowing that their son, their father is not fact. >> we just got the two-minute warning, but the one thing is very the goal now is to keep th pressure up on the white house because this is their opportunity to showing the spotlights on their brother, their son, their relative because being held in a lawless country that is clearly on the ropes. >> hopefully, interviews with them coincide with interviews with brittney griner and features of this international arms dealer, this is the momentum. it sounds like from what i've read on this topic the white house is aware of the whalen situation and looking to resolv it, but again, the wnba athlete storm was higher on the
5:39 am
hierarchy of public relations which unfortunately often times drives things like that. >> may be on the u.s. side we can get to americans for the arms dealer. >> it is a good morning great moments ago in the oval office spoke with brittney griner, she is safe, she is on the plane, she is on her way home, is been unjustly held in russia. she will certainly be back in the arms of her loved ones and she should've been there all along. this is a day we've worked toward for a long time. we never stopped pushing for he release and took painstaking an intense negotiations. i want to thank all of the hard work and public servants across our administration who worked tirelessly to secure the releas rate i also want to think the
5:40 am
uae for helping us facilitate her return. these past few months have been hunt for her. and her entire family. all of her teammates back home. people across the country have learned about the britney story advocating for her release throughout this terrible ordeal i know that is important to her family. i'm glad to be able to say she' in good spirits, she is relieve to finally be heading home in the fact remains that she has last months of her life and experienced a needless trauma she deserves face come privacy and time with her loved ones to recover and heal from her time in wrongfully detained. britney is an incomparable athletes at two-time olympic gold medalist for team usa, she endured mistreatment and in hea characteristic great and
5:41 am
incredible dignity in russia page represents the best americ the best about america. everything about her. she wrote me back in july, she didn't ask for special treatment , even though we'd been working on her release from day one, she requested a simple quote please don't forget about me and the other american detainees. please do all you can to bring us home. we never forgot about britney, we have not forgotten about pau whalen who has been unjustly detained in russia for years. this was not a choice of which american to bring home, we brought home trevor reed when w had a chance earlier this year, sadly, for totally illegitimate reasons, they are treating paul's case different than britney spread while we have no yet succeeded in securing paul' release, we are not giving up, we will never give up. we remain in close touch with paul's family and my thoughts and prayers are with them today.
5:42 am
we will keep negotiating in goo faith, i guarantee that. i say that and i guarantee you. i urge russia to do the same to make sure that paul's humane treatment is maintained. that by the ministration has brought home dozens of american who are wrongfully detained or held hostage abroad, many of whom had been held since before i took office and today, we als remember the other americans being held hostage and wrongfully detained in russia o anywhere else in the world. reuniting americans with there loved ones remains a priority for every person on my administration. we will continue to work to bring home every american who continues to endure such an injustice. we also want to prevent any mor american families from sufferin
5:43 am
this pain and separation and i strongly urge all americans to take precautions including reviewing the state department' travel advisories before they travel overseas. it now includes warnings about the risk of being wrongfully detained by a government. this work is not easy, negotiations are always difficult, there are never any guarantees, but it is my job as president of the united states to make the hard calls to protect american citizens anywhere in the world. i'm proud that today we have made one more family whole again . welcome home, britney, and now would like to invite cherelle t say a few words right of course she's not excited at all about this. it's all your. congratulations again. >> thank you. so over the last nine months, you all have been so privy to one of the darkest moments of m
5:44 am
life so today i'm just standing here overwhelmed with emotions, but the most important emotion have right now is just sincere gratitude for president biden and his entire administration. he just mentioned this work is not easy and it has not been, there have been so many hands involved, so i would like to take a moment to specifically mention a few vice president harris, siri take secretary guild served from the national security council, shown from th hostage invoice office, a special thank you to governor richardson and vicki the mercur players, the wpa for your advocacy and also you guys may not know this, but the agents, lindsay has just been amazing
5:45 am
for me and my family throughout this process very today my family is whole, but as you all are aware, there are so many other families that are not whole. we are committed to getting every american home including paul his family is in the heart today as we liberate britney being home. it is just a happy day for me and my family, so i am going to smile right now. thank you. >> thank you all, very much. ticket mister president, what are you taking away. >> obviously extremely pleased and thrilled to have britney back.
5:46 am
also excited that there are other people in similar circumstances because their socket is done, it doesn't mean there is armed, but may be the best in the world, female player , but they're also going to say i can't imagine any athlete going over there to pla again despite the money in the opportunity. get people are going to look at his viktor bout is great is thi a swap america should be doing. also be holding that would to other slobs. >> if you're going to travel someplace, nonetheless because otherwise, you can see what happens when people get swept up , when a country unjustly imprisoned you. what is interesting, and we
5:47 am
wondered whether or not the president would address how bad a guy we traded, eat didn't really bring that up, but he di not, and this was important he did not forget about paul whele and he said were still trying. which i understand from sources close to the negotiations is that russia looks at paul whele is a spy and they want to trade evenly 1-1 swap. they want specified. apparently they had a choice, it's either you can swap whitne greiner for the arms dealer or nothing so they took that, but there is still apparently negotiating trend get paul whelen, but the russians think he's a sly, and he is not specified, but that's what they think and that's what slowing things down for him coming home for it. >> joe biden said they're treating this case differently. what struck me is when you hear her wife speak you can tell tha
5:48 am
she has been the last nine months for world has been turne upside down she doesn't have he wife and she knew all of these players, she thanked them all which was lovely of her, but sh didn't look down at a sheet of player paper, sheet new all these players and the governmen because that's how much behind the scenes they've been working. see in particular has been trying to work to negotiate. she said i've been wondering, w talk to people who have been at work, what is the first thing you ate when you got home, i'm curious he's going to get the first interview with her. what she went through, anyway, was just struck by that. again i was struck by who vikto bout is. he was arming terrorist groups, it could immediately be loaded
5:49 am
and transported around the worl and effectively armed civil war on both sides. the investigators that went together to bring together to take them down into put him in jail. understands exactly what goes into things like this. leak is coming you just had a chance to watch that presser wrap up, and a chance to digest. viktor bout is not out. >> joe biden said he wishes tha paul whelen was a part of the swap. i think alluding to what steve just said because he is convicted spy on charges he denies, other russians they wan a different kind of arrangement. what we learned just now was some of the more details of the swap. it was the united arab emirates that was involved in the swap this is where the transfer took place. we didn't hear much from
5:50 am
president biden about viktor bout who the swap was for. we are not sure if there were discussions and the region nearby but that is what we are learning here today. of course president biden overjoyed, he had brittney griner wife alongside them, clearly something the menstruation will be very proud of. many questions about what happens next. he get this news just broke thi morning. we had no idea this was going t happen, right? get there were rumblings last evening. i was ready to report this, but i was hearing the reports that leaned close u.s. marshals had moved viktor bout. we reached out to the white house, but they would not confirm in even this morning very early when i said we repor this.
5:51 am
has he been released from federal custody? typically switzerland is the place for these great. >> so they both are on their wa home. does he worry about that message . >> several adversaries have see them taking hostages they treat them like ponds. brittney griner was detained days before the invasion of ukraine. no doubt, this was part of russia's plan. you knew she was coming over,
5:52 am
take it we don't even know if i was planted on her. it would be that advantage to say that to blame the russian government and make things worse . it might have been a at tactic ph you might've been forced to admit to something she didn't do . >> absolutely it is a fantastic day for that family, no doubt about it they are celebrating and we saw the wife grinning broadly, and so so happy, but a the same time, there was so much , and you know this from covering it, there was so much political pressure placed on jo biden, particularly in the run-up to the midterm straight people wanted to talk about senate races and stuff like tha and there we're constantly reporters, people like you saying what about brittney griner, have you guys dropped the ball on her? thinking in this happened after
5:53 am
the midterm elections and after that special election in georgia . you can't overlook that come up clearly president biden has mor political capital and perhaps that is why this is happening. many nba players, lebron james and many other made this forefront. people were talking about it an advocating for her release. certainly, it created a lot of momentum. >> thank you so much, lucas. if you're just waking up, brittney griner is coming home. the president said he spoke wit her on the plane and she is doing well. to meet the swap and that uae, they swifter for viktor bout. what was his nickname? the merchant of death. in arms dealer, lucas cities in the process of giving 30,000 ak-47s exchanging those, 800 surface-to-air missiles to terrorist groups in columbia, s not a good guy not an equal exchange, but we are glad that britney is coming home, she was caught in the airport with
5:54 am
cannabis oil, sheet is mutation oil, it's been nine months, she said lots of gratitude for all the people that helped and she went fight name after name thinking them and the president said paul whelen, he is also being held captive hit family released a statement saying the are grad lad that britney is coming home they're hoping they can get paul home too. the president said the russians are treating his case differently. britney is from texas she was born in 1990 which they say it 30 to years old, her dad as a sheriff's deputy and he has don two tours in vietnam and i'm sure they will be thrilled to have her home. >> here is the president moment ago at the white house. >> president biden: i spoke with brittney griner. she is safe, she is on a plane, she is on her way home after months of being unjustly detained in russia and held
5:55 am
under intolerable circumstances. she will soon be back in the arms of her loved ones and she should have been there all along . >> absolutely. we wondered if he would mention paul whelen who's been held in russia on charges that he was a spy ever since 2018, there he i right there. he's been there for five years, he got a she and him trial. here is the president reminding america that he will not forget about that man. >> we have not forgotten about paul whelen, he has been unjustly detained in russia for years, sadly for legitimate reasons russia is treating paul's case differently. while we have not yet succeeded in securing his release, we are not giving up, we will never give up. we keep negotiating for paul's release, i guarantee that. can keep what we have heard fro the president and what we've
5:56 am
heard from lucas as well is tha in negotiating with the russians , apparently the russians look at that man, paul whelen differently because they regard they convicted him of espionage and they think he is spy so the way it works is russia was willing to trade tha woman's best ballplayer for an arms dealer. to them that was 1-1, however, if we are going. >> our spy back, this is what the russians would say is the united states has got to releas this guy it's got to be a spy for a spy, they say this guy is a spy although there is no evidence that is true. >> the picture we keep showing is paul whelen, i assume that i him being detained in russia. >> at think that's after his trial. did you read the list. she him trial, meatball surgery did they perform a surgery on him. no human rights, paul's life
5:57 am
matters. from potus and prime ministers needed. >> about four minutes before, w are going to hand it over quick review of viktor bout is very convicted in 2011 and given a 2 year sentence, guilty of conspiracy
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this is >> moscow released her in a 1-to-1 prisoner swap. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. good morning at home. good morning. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." breaking news changes everything. it is happening in the middle of the night, a very secret operation as you can imagine, very delicate. i'm sure the white house was concerned if anything leaked out there could be a


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